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Space 2 Reflect

January 2019

Created for the REFLECT :: RAW:: Natural Born Artists Show in Hollywood, this installation piece represents the powerful theme of perspective. With the use of cut mirror and wood watch as we evoke both the positive and introspective energy of our minds.

Retroland Effect

retro, B x DSGNR DRVG

One night, Interactive Pop Up experience brought to life on the Iconic Sunset Strip

Creating the world you never knew existed

retro, B



March 2018 - April 2018

The Coffee Fix is a hipster coffee bar in Studio City with limited space, during their transitioning phase I came in & helped create an enviorment that utilized the facets of moving to enhance their atmosphere.

My Idea: A moving box unpacking its contents from the ceiling. Customers could stand under it, by it, or gaze from any direction & get a magical glimpse of an upside down world righting itself.

Times Square NYE Jumbotron Pop Up Art Disply

January 2019

Nothing says Pop Up Art more then taking over Jumbotrons in Times Square on NYE to showcasing socio-policial-enviormental art-vertismenets :) 

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